Cloud 9 Day Cruise

Cloud 9 is a unique floating platform located in the waters of the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. It is a popular destination for day trips and is known for its stunning setting, offering a bar and pizzeria in the middle of the ocean. Here’s what you can typically expect from a Cloud 9 Day Cruise:


  1. Location: Cloud 9 is situated in the Mamanuca Islands, and day cruises to this destination usually depart from the mainland, often from places like Port Denarau or other nearby locations.
  2. Scenic Boat Ride: The day cruise typically includes a scenic boat ride from the mainland to Cloud 9. Enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean and surrounding islands during the journey.
  3. Floating Bar and Pizzeria: Cloud 9 itself is a two-level floating platform with a bar and pizzeria. You can relax on the sun decks, enjoy a drink from the fully stocked bar, and indulge in wood-fired pizzas.
  4. Water Activities: Day cruises to Cloud 9 often include access to various water activities. You can snorkel around the platform, swim in the clear waters, or use provided equipment like paddleboards and kayaks.
  5. Music and Entertainment: Cloud 9 has a lively atmosphere with music playing throughout the day. Some day cruises may also include live entertainment or DJ performances.
  6. Relaxation: The platform offers plenty of space for lounging, sunbathing, and enjoying the tropical surroundings. Hammocks and daybeds are often available for relaxation.
  7. Group or Private Tours: Depending on the cruise operator, you may have the option to join a group tour or arrange a private charter for a more personalized experience.
  8. Duration: Day cruises to Cloud 9 typically last for several hours, allowing you to enjoy the facilities and activities before returning to the mainland.


When planning a Cloud 9 Day Cruise, it’s recommended to check with local tour operators or travel agencies for specific details, including departure locations, inclusions, and any additional activities offered. Ensure you have the most up-to-date information for a memorable experience.

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